“a deeper awareness”

“I unequivocally recommend Deb as a leadership coach. She is authentic, insightful, knowledgeable and supportive. I wanted to step up my leadership abilities and ensure I was being authentic. Deb helped me to gain a deeper awareness of my values, passions, strengths and areas for development. With this deeper self-awareness I am more confident and very comfortable being who I am and am positive that these make me a better overall leader. I feel that working with Deb has been beneficial to both my career and personal life”.

Company Director, Oil and Gas

Deb’s coaching has been a life line in a sea of turbulent waters.  She is inquisitive, caring, motivational and recharging.  Deb listens and guides through the background work that is part of your own self-discovery.  I would highly recommend anyone considering a transformation to consider Deb in your development." M. Hanna, geoscientist


“an 'aha' moment in my life...”

“Personal or business coaching is the last thing I ever expected to be involved with after 43 years in business. However, after our initial discussions and knowing I wanted some clarity on some things, I decided to ask Deb to be my coach. I am the distinct beneficiary of an “aha” moment in my life. We have been working together for over two years now and I am certainly better for it. As we continue our journey, I find out more about why I do and do not do things, and I am more clear about who I am. Deb continues to be an integral part of my present and future”. 

Gregory A. Smyth, Estate & Financial Planning

"I feel that working with Deb has been
beneficial to both my career and personal life."