for couples

couples coaching

Retirement is a great time to reconnect, reinvigorate your relationship, and it starts with knowing what each person's perspective is about retirement.And…it also can be a time of change, and getting used to each other again...

  • Are you on the same page? How do each of you define retirement?

  • Do you want a vacation home in a sunny locale, or do you want to downsize, or build your dream home?

  • Do you have elderly parents to care for, or adult children or grandchildren who are an important part of your life right now?

  • Have you "retired" from your 30 year career, and are terrified thinking about HOW will you replace those connections, the routine, the mental stimulation?

  • What legacy, financial or otherwise, do you want to leave, and have you ever thought about that before?

The LifeOptions™ profile is a great starting point. You will know where you want to begin to redesign your retirement life!